A clean office is a productive one!

Here at Toronto & GTA cleaning service, we truly believe that a clean office tends to be a more productive one. It is important to also keep your offices clean to privide a healthy work environment as well. We clean offices, so that you can focus on your work projects and meeting and not worry about a dirty meeting room. Call us today for one time emergence cleaning or sign up for our weekly office cleaning specials!


Office cleaning provided:

-kitchenette cleaned & sanitized, dished washed

- bathrooms deep cleaned & saniized

- reception dusted, wiped and cleaned, any glass and mirrors polished

- meeting rooms dusted and cleaned

- garbage bins emptied

-carpet vacuumed, floors mopped


One time and emergency cleaning: $30/hour

Weekly cleaning: $20/hour


In an office environment, we work with your supplies only! 



Immaculate clean every time!

“In my experience with cleaners, I've noticed that with time, the cleaner stats to slack and miss spots that suppose to be cleaned. Finally, I've found a cleaning company that provides excellent and thorough clean every single time! Highly recommend!”

— Karen, New Market

Fast response customer service!

"Easy to reach customer service. Friendly and professional staff. Quick responses."

- Anonymous

We strive to make every customer a happy one!

“Here at Toronto & GTA cleaning service, we listen and adjust to every customer's needs on an individual basis. We understand that every space is a private one and requires a special touch. Our customer service team will be happy to work with your budget and pick the right kinds of cleaning services and products especially designed to fit your cleaning needs!”

— Toronto & GTA cleaning service customer support team




Let us clean and scrub your space while you enjoy your free time doing something you love!